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THE WEEK Dec 13: Just did it

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Wrong time, wrong place

United States President Barrack Obama was seen taking a poorly timed photo in South Africa. Obama was spotted taking a self portrait or selfie with British Prime Minster David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. While world leaders taking a cute harmless photo is normally okay, the trio was seen taking their selfie during Mandela’s memorial.

Perverts rising

In line with doing inappropriate things, a pervert was apprehended Monday in Beijing for hiding underneath subway seats and feeling up women’s legs. The culprit, was pictured burrowing himself under the seats on Beijing subway line two.This type of deviant behavior may become more common in the Chinese capital with the spread of a new mobile social “hook-up” application called zhan tai. The new app is meant to help people meet up in subway stations prospective hook-ups set their subway station on the app and the software tells them who also frequents the same stops. When users of zhan tai pass by each other on the subway the software notifies them giving the user the choice to contact the other users around them.

Marital aids for pandas

It isn’t exactly new, but the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding released a photo of 5 year-old female panda Ke Lin watching panda porn. ecause the endangered giant pandas are more interested in eating bamboo and sleeping rather than doing it researchers have had a hard time breeding them. To drive up their libido, the researchers have started showing young pandas, panda pornos.

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