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THE WEEK Nov 28: This is madness!

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This week, our show happens right after Black Friday, so we start off with that, a black Friday video. Shopping chaos aside we take a look at a Chinese campus beauty contest, the dreaded Little Apple song and Nicki Minaj.

Girls just want to have fun

Last week a beauty contest held in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces to find the cutest young woman on a Chinese campus caused quite a stir online. The reason, a young South Korean national won the coveted title of cutest woman on campus. An international student won. Course the young lady is pretty and beauty is pretty international. The best models in the US? They're international women. Heck people travel from all over just to meet pretty men and women, just look at one Ice Cream cart keeper in Taiwan.

This is madness

Little Apple song, the song our host hates the most is back in the news again. Earlier this week it won an award for best international song at the American Music Awards. This is the same prize that Psy won for Gangnam style a few years back. People online in China have made allegations that the Chopsticks Bros, the creators of the song, had purchased said award. Chopsticks Bros have denied the allegations.

My Elderly What!?

The fine pranksters over at TMD Shanghai, the folks behind the hilarious Donnie Does youtube/youku series is back again. This time they're here with a video based on the premise of showing people videos and filming their reactions. This reaction video features elderly Chinese watching American rap star Nicki Minaj's sexually charged video "Anaconda". The video is very not safe for work, you have been forewarned.

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