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Alice in wonderland《爱丽丝漫游仙境》精讲之二

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Red Queen: Someone has stolen three of my tarts! Did You steal them?

Frog: No, Your Majesty.

Red Queen: Did You?

Frog: No, Your Majesty.

Red Queen: Did You steal them?

Frog: No, Your Majesty.

Red Queen: Did you steal my tart?

Frog: No, Your Majesty ...

Red Queen: It´s cranberry juice.

Frog: I was so hungry! I did not mean to ...

Red Queen: Off with his head!

Frog: My family! No, please, please don´t! I have little ones to look after!

Red Queen: Go to his house and collect the little ones. I like frog eggs on toast almost as much as I like caviar.

Fish: Yes, your Majesty

Red Queen: Drink.

Stayne: Majesty.

Red Queen: Ilosovic Stayne. Where have you been lurking?

Stayne: Majesty ... I have found the Oraculum.

Red Queen: That? Looks so ordinary for an Oraculum.

Stayne: Look here. FrAbjous Day.

Red Queen: I´d know that tangled mess of hair anywhere. Is it Alice?

Stayne: I believe it is.

Red Queen: What is she doing with my darling Jabberwocky?

Stayne: She appears to be slating it.

Red Queen: She killed my Jabberwocky?

Stayne: Not yet. But it will happen if we don´t stop her.

Red Queen: Find Alice, Stayne. Find her!

Stayne: Find the scent of human girl and earn your freedom.

Dog: For my wife and pups as well?

Stayne: Everyone will go home.

Horse: Dogs will believe anything.

Cheshire cat: It looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws.

Alice: I must be still dreaming ...

Cheshire cat: What did that to you?

Alice: A "bender" or "bandips" ...

Cheshire cat: A Bandersnatch? Well, I´d better have a look.

Alice: What are you doing?

Cheshire cat: It needs to by purified by someone with evaporating skills or it will fester and putrify.

Alice: I´d rather you didn´t. I´ll be fine as soon as I wake up.

Cheshire cat: At least let me bind it for you. What do you call yourself?

Alice: Alice.

Cheshire cat: THE Alice?

Alice: There has been some debate about that.

Cheshire cat: I never get involved in politics. You´d best be on your way.

Alice: What way? All I want to do is wake from this dream.

Cheshire cat: Fine. I´ll take you to the Hare and the Hatter, but that´s the end of it.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. tart:甜果馅饼。


2.Your Majesty:陛下,对国王或女王的尊称。也可以说成是His/Her Majesty。

3. off with his head: 砍掉他的头。Off with在这里表示“除去,除掉”。

4. caviar: 鱼子酱。

5. lurk: 埋伏,潜伏。红桃皇后的意思是“你最近鬼鬼祟祟的干些什么呢?”

6. Oraculum:神谕。

7. Jabberwocky:炸脖龙。


8. pup:小狗,幼崽。也写作puppy。

sell somebody/buy a pup则用来指“卖给…(或买到)伪劣货”。

9. run afoul of: 相抵触,有冲突。

例如:The paternal longing ran afoul of her own desire.(父亲的愿望和她的心愿相冲突。)



在用来指情感或思想时,fester用来表示“不快的想法或感情更加苦恼;愈益恶化”。例如:The resentment festered in his mind.(他心中的愤恨有增无减。)

12.You'd best be on your way:你最好快走吧。

13.Hare and the Hatter:指影片中的“三月兔”和“疯帽匠”。



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