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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之一

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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之一

Gabby: How's it going?

Howie: Good, good, good. Hanging in there.

Gabby: You sure?

Becca: Hmm.

Howie: Yeah. Hey, Kevin.

Kevin: Hi, Howie.

Howie: Hi. We um, we just...we found out that Becca's sister is pregnant. So...

Becca: Howie, hey.

Howie: What?

Gabby: That can be hard, I remember when my cousin got pregnant-

Becca: Yeah, it's not really a big deal.

Gabby: Okay. If you wanna talk about it though, you know the group's here.

Becca: Yeah, I don't think so. "Hey everybody, fresh meat."

Howie: Becca, be nice.

Gabby: Doesn't she remind of you of Lydia? There was this woman in the group a couple years ago.

Kevin: It was four. Four years ago.

Gabby: Well it doesn't really matter when she was here, my point is that she reminds me of Lydia. She really wasn't into the support group model at first.

Becca: How long have you been in Group?

Kevin: It'll be eight years in June.

Howie: Oh, I didn't... I didn't realize it was that long.

Gabby: Yeah, we're the veterans. You know, for us, it's a good way to touch base. Everyone's on a different schedule...

Howie: Of course.

Man in the group: She, uh, she visits me sometimes. In dreams. And she tells me it's okay. And she's with God. And we have some good days. Then you think that if you have enough good days it might actually get better. You know, it does get better. And then...It was her anniversary last week.

The man’s wife: A year last Tuesday.

Man in the group: And it just starts all over again. We just have to remind each other that it was just part of God's plan. And we can't know why. Only God can know why.

The man's wife: God had to take her. He needed another angel.

Man in the group: He needed another angel.

Becca: Why didn't he just make one? Another angel. I mean, he's God after all. Why didn't he just make another angel? Hmm? Just put...Just putting it out there...I'd like to go. I think we're gonna go. Is that alright?

Howie: Excuse us.


Howie: They're talking, it's their time, and you have to respect that.

Becca: Come on.

Howie: I mean, you sit there for weeks and you don't say a word.

Becca: I'm sorry. I can't stand the god-freaks. You know that.

Howie: But they're not all like that. Kevin and Gabby aren't.

Becca: No. Kevin and Gabby are professional wallowers. I mean come on? Eight years, Howie. Eight. If that's what you want to become, then...

Howie: If you want to take a break-

Becca: No, not a break, I'm done.

Howie: I know the Izzy stuff got under your skin.

Becca: Please don't do that. Please. One semester of Psychology fifteen years ago and suddenly you can analyze...

Howie: Well Jesus, Becca.

Becca: I don't like the group. I gave it a try, and it's not for me.

Howie: Okay. It's not for you.

Becca: Thank you. Do you mind if we not eat here? 'Cause eh...nothing's really jumping out at me.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. hang in there: 耐心等候,忍耐一下。也可以表示“不气馁;坚持下去”。例如:No matter how long it takes, just hang in there.(不管这事花多长时间,都要坚持下去。)

2. fresh meat: 新来者,新人。

3. veteran: 经验丰富的人;老手。看一下例子:We often asked the veteran workers for advice.(我们常常向老工人求教。)

4. touch base: 保持联络。

5. wallower: 在泥、脏水等中打滚者。影片中指凯文、盖比夫妇放纵自己的消极情绪,让自己长久地沉湎于伤痛往事。wallow有“沉湎,放纵”的意思。请看例子:We should not wallow in the valley of despair.(我们不应该在绝望的深渊里沉沦。)

6. get under one's skin: 使人烦躁,使人不安。看一下例子:His letter really got under my skin.(他的信真把我惹恼了。)

7. jump out at somebody: 引起某人的注意;一下子吸引住某人。



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