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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之三

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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之三

Nat: Hello?

Becca: Hey Mom, it's me.

Nat: What's wrong?

Becca: Nothing. I was thinking about making Izzy's birthday cake. Would that be alright?

Nat: Oh Honey, you don't need to do all that. I was just gonna grab her one of those Carvel things. She likes those.

Becca: I don't mind. I really don’t. I mean, it'll give me something to do.

Nat: Okay, okay. No group tonight?

Becca: Howie's there. It's too much God talk for me... What.

Nat: Nothing. It's just... you know, some people find that comforting.

Becca: Yeah, well, it pisses me off.

Nat: You know, Becca, when your brother died, I found the church very helpful.

Becca: I know. I know you did, but that's you, that’s not me. And Danny... Danny isn't Arthur.

Nat: You know, I brought you to church every Sunday-

Becca: Let's not start this again, okay mom? I’m just...just calling about the cake.

Nat: You're not right about everything, you know. What if there is a God?

Becca: Then I'd say he's a sadistic prick.

Nat: Alright, Becca. That's enough.

Becca: "Worship me and I'll treat you like shit." No wonder you like him, he sounds just like Dad. I'm sorry.

Nat: You're gonna do the cake then?

Becca: Yeah.

Nat: Right, I'll see you tomorrow.


Becca: Who has a birthday party at a bowling alley anyway? I mean, Izzy thinks she's still fourteen.

Howie: If you're not up to this we don't have to go.

Becca: No, it's just a party. I'm fine. I wish you'd take that thing out of here.

Howie: You're hardly in this car, what's the difference?

Becca: It's weird. It feels weird.

Howie: What if we give it another try? Another baby?

Becca: What?

Howie: Well we're not getting any younger.

Becca: Is that what the sex thing was about the other night?

Howie: No-

Becca: You trying to get me pregnant?

Howie: Becca, no, of course not. I know it's scary, but maybe it might...help us get back on track.

Becca: On track?

Howie: What, we can't talk about it?

Becca: I think we should sell the house. I've been thinking about it, and since we're on the topic...

Howie: What? What do you mean...How were we on the topic?

Becca: I've talked to a realtor and she thinks...

Howie: What do you mean you talked to a realtor?

Becca: ...we can pull together an open house pretty quickly.

Howie: Why would you talked to a realtor without telling me?

Becca: I'm telling you now. You want to get us back on track, I think it'd help if we moved.

Howie: We love that house.

Becca: He's everywhere, Howie. I can see his fingerprints on the door jambs, I see...

Howie: I like seeing his fingerprints.

Becca: That's because you don't have to sit and stare at them all day. You get to go to work. You get to escape!

Howie: Yes, I don't want to move!

Becca: I don't want another baby!

(brake the car abruptly)

Howie: Jesus! What are you doing?

Becca: What do you think I'm doing? I just have to check the cake. It's fine.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. piss somebody off: 使生气,使厌烦。也可用作命令词,意思是“立即走开,滚开”,如:piss off!

和piss组合成的短语很多,如piss about/around意思是“游手好闲,无所事事”,piss up是“弄糟,糟蹋”,piss on ice是“生活优裕,大为走运,大获成功”,piss away是“浪费,乱花,滥用”,piss down是“下大雨”。

2. sadistic: 残酷成性的。sadist意思是“施虐狂”。

3. up to: 胜任……的,适于……的。影片中Howie认为Becca心情不好是因为妹妹怀孕而受刺激,所以说如果她受不了可以不去。看一下例句:Aunt Mary is sick and not up to going out to the store.(玛丽姑妈病了,体力不支,不能出门到店里去买东西。)

4. realtor: 房地产经纪人。

5. pull together an open house: 协商好看房时间。pull together有“齐心协力,通力合作”的意思。例如:We must pull together to fulfil the plan.(我们必须齐心协力完成计划。)open house意思是“(为欲购房者而设的)看房时间”。keep open house是指“随时欢迎客人光临”。

6. jamb: 门窗边框。



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