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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之二

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Auggie: Taz! Stop! Stop! Come here and eat! Come on! Stay. Sorry. He's not really dangerous. Hey, eat. Just kinda dumb.

Becca: No, I know. He's my dog.

Auggie: Oh, you're Becca! I should've recognized you. Of course. I'm Auggie.

Becca: Oh. Hi, Auggie.

Auggie: Hi.

Nat: Oh my god, why didn't you tell me you were coming over? I would've picked up the house. That's Auggie.

Becca: Yeah, we met. Is Izzy here?

Nat: Oh yeah, she's here. She got fired from the Applebee's.

Becca: I was planning to take it all down to Goodwill, but now I'm glad I didn't. Because look at all these shirts, look at these sweaters.

Izzy: I don't know, Bec. They're in babyclothes for so long before he could even fit into that stuff.

Becca: It comes up very quickly. You'll see. You're gonna be happy that I saved them. Is he living here?

Nat: He has to. His girlfriend kicked him out.

Izzy: Ex-girlfriend.

Nat: She knows what I meant.

Becca: Did you see this one?

Izzy: It’s cute. Look at that. But what if it's a girl?

Becca: Well, then. I don't know, then I'll give them to someone else. But you're gonna thank me. This is a couple years worth of clothes here. Think of the money you'll save.

Izzy: It's not about the money.

Becca: Well it should be. Come on, Izzy. You need to start thinking about that. Especially if the dad's a musician. It costs a lot to raise a child. I'm telling you.

Izzy: It'd just be weird, Becca. If it was a boy, to see him running around in Danny's clothes, I would feel weird about it.

Becca: Yeah, I'm sorry. Of course it'd be weird.

Izzy: It was a nice offer.

Becca: You're gonna get a lot of clothes Christmas, Birthdays. You don’t have anything to worry about.

Nat: It's probably a girl anyway. You know, I'm a little psychic about these things. Remember I said Sheila was having a girl? And Karen? I think there's a girl in there.

Izzy: I hope there is. I mean I want a girl. I want as it's healthy obviously, but I really hope it's a girl.

Nat: Me too. You want some coffee cake, honey? I got some coffee cake in here.

Becca: I'm actually gonna take off. Because I promised Howie that I'd pick up some dinner. Mmm looks good though.

Nat: Here. Eat some cake.

Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之二

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. dumb: 愚蠢的;傻的;笨的。

2. pick up: 收拾,整理。请看例子:Time to pick up and get ready for dinner.(把东西收拾起来,准备吃饭了。)

3. come up: 发生。看一下例子:I'll let you know if anything comes up.(如果发生什么事,我会通知你的。)

4. psychic: 有特异功能的;通灵的。

5. take off: 走掉,出发;匆匆离开。看一下例子:He took himself off in the direction of the station.(他开始朝车站方向走去。)

6. pick up some dinner: 买些东西当饭。



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