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Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之六

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Becca: God.

Jason: Sorry.

Becca: What time is it?

Jason: Almost six.

Becca: And you're just getting home? So how was it?

Jason: It was okay.

Becca: Well you look nice.

Jason: Thank you.

Becca: Is she your girlfriend?

Jason: No, she is just a friend.

Becca: She's pretty.

Jason: Yeah. She's pretty.

Becca: I um... I liked this so much. It's beautiful.

Jason: Thank you. Thanks.

Becca: It reminded me of Orpheus and Eurydice. Do you know that myth?

Jason: No.

Becca: Oh. Eurydice dies, and Orpheus misses her so much that he travels to Hades to retrieve her, but in the end it doesn't work out.

Jason: I should read it.

Becca: So, is the scientist your dad? The scientist that the boy is looking for...

Jason: No.

Becca: Is it based on him?

Jason: No. My dad was an English teacher.

Becca: Oh. I was curious about that.

Jason: It's just a story.

Becca: I know. I was just...

Jason: Reading into it?

Becca: Do you think they're real?

Jason: Parallel universes? I think it's basic science. You know, if space is infinite, then everything is possible.

Becca: So somewhere out there, I’m what? I’m making pancakes? Or at a water park?

Jason: Sure. Yeah.

Becca: Yeah?

Jason: Both, you know, wherever. I think... you know, it’s laws of probability. There are tons of you's out there, and there’s tons of me's.

Becca: Yes...And this is just the sad version of us.

Jason: Yeah, I guess.

Becca: But there are other versions...I mean these other versions everything goes our way.

Jason: Assuming you believe in science.

Becca: I like that thought. It's nice. Somewhere out there I'm having a good time.


Howie: I thought you left.

Becca: No. I didn't leave.

Becca: I was thinking we should invite Rick and Debbie over for a cookout. What? She's never gonna call me. She thinks I hate her. So...just let her off the hook.

Howie: Cookout?

Becca: Hmm. It'll be good to see the kids. We should get something for Emily though. It's her birthday. She turned four last week.

Howie: Right. Okay. Danny's is coming up.

Becca: I know.

Howie: That's gonna be a tough one.

Becca: Yeah.

Howie: So that kid... Jason. Did you tell him we didn't blame him?

Becca: We don't blame him.

Howie: I know, but...you let him know that?

Becca: Yeah, I guess so.

Howie: That's good.

Becca: You can talk to him if you want.

Howie: I don’t want to.

Becca: Okay.

Howie: It's so quiet.

Becca: That's because I slipped Taz a couple of Ambien.

Howie: You're funny.

Becca: You think I'm joking? So what are we gonna do?

Howie: About what?

Becca: I don't know. I don't know. Just pick something.

Howie: Well...We could go to Village Toys pick up Candy Land for Emily. Probably something she'd like.

Becca: Hmm. Candy, yes... Then what?

Howie: Then we wrap it.

Becca: Hmm.

Howie: And then we have the cookout... And they'll come over... And we'll have a couple of other people so...it's not too awkward for anyone. And then... to make them feel comfortable, we'll ask a bunch of questions about what the kids have been up to and we'll pretend that we're really interested. And then... And then we'll wait for someone to bring up Danny while the kids are playing. And maybe that'll go on for a little while. And after that...they'll go home.

Becca: And then what?

Howie: I don't know. Something though.

Rabbit Hole《兔子洞》精讲之六

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. retrieve: 找回,领回。影片中贝卡指俄耳甫斯进入地府去把妻子欧律狄克救回来。看一下例子:I ran back to my room and retrieved my bag.(我奔回房间去取回自己的提包。)

2. read into something: 找出文句或话语的弦外之音。

3. water park: 水上乐园。

4. laws of probability: 概率定律,是没有规律的过程却从大体上呈现有规律性。

5. everything goes our way: 一切都顺我们的心意。go one's way意思是“顺(某人的)心意”,而go one's own way意思是“一意孤行;我行我素”。

6. cookout: 露天烧烤餐;野外烧烤宴会。

7. let somebody off the hook: 使某人摆脱困境,逃避惩罚。看一下例子:The teacher let him off the hook with a warning this time.(这一次老师放过他,只给了一个警告。)

8. slipped Taz a couple of Ambien: 悄悄往泰兹嘴里塞了几片安眠药。slip在这里的意思是“悄悄塞;偷偷放”。

9. bring up: 提起,谈到。例如:This is not the time to bring up that subject.(现在不是提那事的时候。)



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