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Life as We Know It《我们所知道的生活》精讲之二

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美国儿童福利保护部 CPS




Holly: How did you say the car flipped? It flipped when it hit the...?

Officer: Are you sure you wouldn't like to sit down?

Holly: They have a baby girl. Sophie. Was she in the car? Was she in the car with them?

Officer: No. She was in the care of a minor, a babysitter, at the time of the accident. So the officers placed her with CPS for the night. She's perfectly fine.

Holly: CPS?

Officer: Child Protective Services. Where they take cases like this.

Holly: Cases like this?

Officer: Orphaned children.

(Messer arrives)

Holly: Messer.


Holly: No, no, no. I just don't understand why we can't see her tonight. No, ma'am, I don't care about your protocol. This is-- Yes, I will be here at this number. Yes. They won't do anything, not till 8 a.m. tomorrow.

Messer: Okay, okay. I'm sure that she's fine. You know, why don't we sleep here tonight? That way we're here if they call early. All right?

Holly: Okay.

Messer: Why don't you take the guest bedroom?

Holly: Okay, you can take their room if you want.

Messer: No, thank you. I'll sleep over here.

Holly: See you in the morning.

Messer: Okay.

Holly: Thanks, Messer.

Messer: Okay.

[Dishes clattering]

Messer: Anyone call?

Holly: Just their lawyer. He's coming over now. He wants to talk to us.

Life as We Know It《我们所知道的生活》精讲之二

Dunn: I'm sure this is a very difficult time for you, obviously. Everyone at the firm, we will miss Peter very much. Now, you must have many questions.

Holly: Well, Sophie. I think that's who we're both thinking of.

Dunn: Yes.

Holly: What will happen to her now?

Dunn: Okay, well, I have already arranged for her transfer. The foster family she was with last night will bring her to CPS. They feel she'll adjust best in her own environment, so first she needs to be picked up and brought here.

Messer: Okay, and who does that?

Dunn: I'm sorry, did Alison and Peter talk to you about their guardianship arrangements?

Holly: No.

Messer: No.

Dunn: Well, in preparing their will, we talked about who would take care of Sophie in the unlikely event that they should both die...and they named you. Both of you.

Holly & Messer: I'm sorry.

Holly: They picked us together?

Dunn: I’m sure this isn't exactly how you wanted to start a family.

Life as We Know It《我们所知道的生活》精讲之二

Holly: There's been a misunderstanding. We are not married.

Messer: No. No no no. They tried to set us up on a blind date, and we never made it to the restaurant.

Holly: I don't even know if you'd call it a date. I mean, he was such a dick.

Dunn: I know this is overwhelming, OK? And believe me, I tried to advise them against it. But there are options. You can say no. Because this is a big deal. This is a child. Big commitment.

Holly: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

(Messer and Holly come back)

Holly: Sorry.

Messer: Options. You mentioned that there were some other options?

Dunn: Yes. We have Peter's father.

Messer: Oh. Perfect. He'd be perfect, I think.

Dunn: There you go. And there's a few cousins.

Holly: You know what? Officer, can I stop you right there?

Messer: Cousins are always....

Dunn: Yeah.

Holly: What if one of us, on our own, by ourselves...chose to honor Alison and Peter's wishes on our own?

Messer: Or both of us, hypothetically.

Dunn: Well, they named you, so I just set up a court hearing to grant you temporary custody, and that's it. Now, the finances...the estate will cover the mortgage, but that's about it. They didn't have much in savings. They bought this house as an investment. But, you know, let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Let's just focus on Sophie.

Holly: Yes.

Messer: Right.

Dunn: So I suggest the two of you move in here in the interim, for Sophie.

Holly: You want us to live together?

Dunn: Yeah. For Sophie, for now. Until you decide what you wanna do. But it's best.

CPS staff: Okay. Sign here, Ms. Berenson. And here, Mr. Messer.

Holly: Thank you. Oh, there she is. Hi. Hi, sweet girl. Oh, honey, it's so good to see you.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. flip: 快速翻转。影片中指的是皮特和艾莉森乘坐的车发生事故,车身翻转过来。

2. minor: 未成年人。

3. protocol: 协议,规定。

4. guest bedroom: 客房。和客房相对应的是master bedroom(主卧)。

5. foster family: 寄养家庭。foster在这里意思是“代养,抚育,照料(他人子女一段时间)”,foster child是“养子(女)”,foster father和foster mother指的是“养父”和“养母”。

6. guardianship: 监护;监护权。监护人即guardian。

7. blind date: (由第三方安排的)男女初次约会,也就是通常所说的“相亲”。

8. make it to (someplace): 能够出席(或到场)。请看例句:You can make it to the flight.(你完全可以赶上这趟班机。)

9. honor: 信守,执行(承诺)。例如:He honored his promise.(他实践了自己的诺言。)

10. hypothetically: 假设地,假定地。

11. custody: 监护;监护权。custody也有“拘留,拘押”的意思。

12. in the interim: 在这期间。看一下例句:Little seems to have happened in the interim.(在这期间似乎没发生什么事情。)

美国儿童福利保护部 CPS


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