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Soul Surfer《灵魂冲浪》精讲之三

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冲浪 surfing


本片段剧情:贝瑟妮和朋友们一起去冲浪,没想到遇到鲨鱼的袭击,被咬掉了左臂。她凭借顽强的毅力游回岸边,但因失血过多在医院陷入昏迷。醒来后,坚强的贝瑟妮反而安慰父亲不要哭泣。医生对他的父母说,She is a living miracle……


Doctor: Doctor Rovinsky, we need this room stat! It's a teenage girl from the North Shore. Shark attack.

Dad: Who? Who is it?

David: I'll check it out, Tom. I'll check it out.

Holt: Stay with me, Bethany! Alana! Get over here!

Alana: I can't.

Noah: Morning, Mom.

Mom: When did you go night surfing?

Noah: Uh... Night surfing... All right.

Holt: All right, sweetheart. Ambulance is coming, all right?

Bethany: I want my mom.

Holt: I know. We're gonna get your mom. We're gonna get your mom.

Mom: Wait, wait, wait. What?

Noah: Mom?

Bylon: Dad! I called 911! I called her mom.

Holt: Okay, okay, okay. Grab the foot of the board. Okay? Grab it, on the count of three. Ready? One, two, three! Go, go, go, go, go! Take her up to the truck! Let's get her up there right now! Come on. Talk to me. Watch your step right here! Watch your step right there! Where's the ambulance, Dad? They're not here yet!

Holt: Don't worry about the ambulance! We'll meet it on the way!

Bylon: Alana, get the board!

Holt: Get her up! All right. Get up, get up there!

Alana: Bethany, can you hear me? Oh, my God.

Bylon: She's losing a lot of blood, Dad!

Holt: All right, I see the ambulance. Here it comes!

Worker: Who are you, sir?

Holt: Family friend.

Worker: Do you know if she hit her head or ever lost consciousness?

Holt: No, she never passed out, but she's lost a lot of blood.

Worker: Here we go! Careful! Easy. Okay, lock her in.

Alana: Please don't die.

Mom: Please don't take her! Please don't take her. Please don't take her.

David: Tom, it's Bethany.

Dad: No, no! No! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! Just let me get out of here!

David: No. Come on. You can't move! You can't walk!

Worker: Talk to me. Gotta stay with me. Keep looking at my eyes, okay?

Bethany: Where's my family?

Worker: They're on their way. They're gonna meet us at the hospital. She's going into hypovolemic shock. We're almost there. Breathe deep.

Noah: Mom, the car!

Mom: Stay with me.

Holt: Cheri, it happened so fast...

Doctor: Traumatic amputation. Severe loss of blood. Blood pressure 70 over 40 and dropping. Up, up! Get her in here. Move! Come on! Follow it back.

Mom: I'm here, baby, I'm right here. I'm right here.

Doctor: Let's go! Stay with us! Hang in there. Bethany, you'll be okay! What's happening? Get her in a bed. Move her into bay three!

Mom: Come on, Bethany. Stay with us, stay with us.

Bethany: Mom?

Mom: Hi, sweetheart. I'm right here.

Dad: Hey. We're all here.

Bethany: It hurts.

Mom: Okay.

Dad: Noah, get the doctor.

Noah: Yeah, I got it.

Bethany: I'm a little thirsty.

Timmy: Okay. Got it.

Bethany: Dad, please don't cry.

Dad: I'm not crying.

Bethany: I'm going to be okay.

Dad: I know.

Holt: Hey there, kiddo. How you holding up?

Bethany: Pretty good, thanks to you. I guess I ruined your surf shirt, huh?

Holt: Well, I never liked that one anyway. Why don't you just concentrate on getting better, okay?

Bethany: Thank you.

Holt: You were amazing out there. You were the one who kept me calm. You never... You never let go. You are incredibly brave, Bethany.

Bethany: Where's Alana?

Holt: She's... She's at home. With her mother. She's... She's still a little freaked out. But, you know, she'll be better knowing that you're going to be okay. So...

David: Hey. How's my favorite patient?

Bethany: You say that to everyone.

David: I mean it when I see you.

Holt: I'll wait outside. I'll see you later.

David: So, I understand you're feeling some discomfort.

Bethany: Yeah.

David: Well, that's normal. There's going to be a lot of pain because of the trauma that you endured. Not to mention the fact that you've lost over 60% of your blood. You're going to be feeling kind of lousy for the next few days, kid. Now here's the thing, Bethany. The things that you're going to have to learn to do differently is extensive. But the good news. Those things you're not gonna be able to do is small. I'm so proud of you. I'll tell you something. She is a living miracle.

Dad: Thanks, David.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. foot: 最下部,最底部

例如:The village is at the foot of the mountain.(村子在山脚下。)

2. on the count of three: 我数到三

3. watch your step: 注意脚下。用于提醒地滑,看不清楚楼梯等场合。常用于公共告示。

4. lose consciousness: 失去意识

5. pass out: 昏倒

例如:Fifty people passed out from heat at the outdoor rock concert.(在那户外的摇滚音乐会中有五十人热得昏过去了。)

6. hypovolemic shock: 失血性休克

7. traumatic: 外伤的,创伤的

8. amputation: 截肢(术),切断,切除,也可以表示“删除”

9. bay: (建筑物的)隔间

例如:There is a storage bay in the house.(屋内有一隔开的储藏间。)

10.kiddo: (俚语)老兄,老姐(一种亲昵的称呼)

11.freak out:吓坏了,行为异常

例如:He totally freaked out when he saw the armed robbery.(他看到武装抢劫时完全吓坏了。)

冲浪 surfing


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