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Soul Surfer《灵魂冲浪》精讲之四

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Dad: I have some good news to share.

Mom: What news?

Dad: Holt got a call from that show, Inside Edition, and they want to give Bethany a prosthetic arm.

Mom: Wait, wait, wait. She's been home for five minutes.

Dad: They're gonna pay for the entire thing.

Mom: When did you talk to a TV show?

Dad: And it's custom made.

Bethany: Will it look normal?

Dad: I would think so.

Bethany: Awesome. Can they make one I can surf with?

Mom: What does she have to do?

Dad: All she has to do is give a brief interview, wearing the arm.

Timmy: Check out my sister the celebrity.

Mom: You don't have to do this.

Bethany: No. I want to. Yeah, yeah, I'll do it.

Timmy: So, it's settled.

Bethany: Hey, wait. Let's give thanks. That arm could not come soon enough. Because trying to make do with only one, even harder than it sounds. I mean, fixing your hair is not exactly rocket science. Unless you've only got one arm. Then it might as well be a mission to Mars. Every day of my life, for as far back as I could remember, I was in the water. And now, I couldn't even put my bathing suit on. Almost everything seemed to be a challenge. But what scared me most, was that I might not be able to surf again. It's so sad.

Girl: Mommy, what happened to that girl's arm?

Mother: I'm sorry.

Mom: Should I go? Or do you want to do this together? It's up to you.

Bethany: Stay.

Mom: Okay.

David: Oh, it's looking great. It's healing nicely. You all right? There you go. It's going to look better once the stitches are out.

Dad: Is she okay? You okay?

Sarah: Hey! I just got back from Mexico. I'm so glad you're okay. I was just about to come see you.

Bethany: I couldn't wait.

Sarah: Come here. I was thinking about you, and praying for you every minute. How are you?

Bethany: Oh... I'm good. Yeah. Everyone's been doing really good.

Sarah: You don't have to do that, Bethany. Not with me.

Bethany: Um... They're trying to help. I know. I know. But...

Sarah: But what?

Bethany: You know how you said it's hard to see things clearly sometimes when you're too close? Mmm-hmm. Well, I've been trying to get some perspective. I've been really trying. Sarah, how can this be God's plan for me? I don't understand.

Sarah: I don't know why terrible things happen to us sometimes. But I have to believe that something good is going to come out of this. Okay. I don't know what that is. I really wish I did.

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. prosthetic arm: 假肢,义肢

2. custom made: 量身订制,类似于custom-built,例如:custom-made clothes

3. give thanks: (饭前或饭后)做感恩祷告

例如:Then in that spirit let each of us give thanks.(现在本着同样心意让我们开始感恩。)

4. rocket science: 航天器学,引申为“复杂的事”


5. bathing suit:游泳衣

6. It's up to you: 你决定吧。

7. once the stitches are out: 拆线之后

8. how can this be God's plan for me: 上帝怎么可能这样对我?

9. something good is going to come out of this:我不清楚为何事事无常,但是我相信我们可以从中获益。也可以说成“塞翁失马,焉知非福”。



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