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THE WEEK Oct 19, 2012

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Man breaks skydiving record

An Australian man named Felix Baumgartner ascended 39,000 meters (or 24 miles) above Earth until he was nearly in outer space. He then stepped of the edge of his capsule and soared 20 minutes back to the ground, hitting speeds of 1,100 km/h. That's faster than the speed of sound.

Are voters the problem?

Many things have been concerning as the US presidential election approaches. We've had celebrities make embarrassing endorsements for candidates, we've had candidates make humiliating comments about the people, and we've had childhood reality TV stars expressing their opinions on late night talk shows. A new video that's going viral this week has us at The Week concerned about one more thing: the voters.

Britney gets hit one more time

Britney Spears may be bringing her career back to life as the new judge of the television singing competition "X-Factor", but that doesn't mean her life is drama-free. Spears' mom wrote a book blaming the years of Britney's craziness and bad behavior on the singer's former manager. Now, the manager is suing the Spears family, claiming the book is full of lies just to make him look bad. That means a court in Los Angeles will have to witness again all of Britney's failures. In case you forgot, let us remind you what she was up to.

This Wacky world!

A man in a seafood factory in the US was found cooked to death in one of the company's ovens. Nobody knows how he got in there.

Nude women have come out to raise awareness of over-fishing. But these photos seem just as cruel.

A leader in India blamed unhealthy food, specifically chow mein, for the recent increase of sexual assaults in his region. It's science.

A new trend in the world of coffee: A new type of the drink, made from cat poop, is taking the world by storm. Sounds disgusting, right? It's selling for almost $10 per cup.

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