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Soul Surfer《灵魂冲浪》精讲之五

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Bethany: Hey, I'm home!

Noah: Hey, there she is.

Timmy: How was your trip?

Bethany: Great. What's all this stuff?

Noah: Oh, you know, just a little fan mail. Went ahead and sorted it out by country.

Bethany: Are you serious?

Timmy: Yup. And apparently, you are very popular in Madagascar.

Bethany: No way.

Noah: "Dear Bethany. My name is Stephanie Bolt, I'm 11 years old and I go to Northcross Intermediate School in New Zealand."

Bethany: People are so amazing. There's an eighth grader from North Carolina, who lost his arm. Logan, and he says he's gonna try out for his school soccer team because of me. And he's rooting for me in my next competition. I mean, I don't understand, I totally blew it at regionals. Why would they want me to compete?

Mom: You tried. And apparently, Dylan and Stephanie like that.

Bethany: Hey, Dad. I need your help.

Dad: Name it.

Bethany: I think I want to compete.

Dad: You sure? You don't have to.

Bethany: I'll take it heat by heat.

Dad: Okay.

Bethany: So we need to figure out something. Some way so when I duck dive, I don't get pounded.

Dad: Yeah. You mean something like this?

Bethany: Yeah.

Mom: You sure she can use it in competition?

Dad: Sure. Judges don't score on how you get out to the waves. They only care what you do when you catch one. Go ahead, say it. I'm a genius.

Mom: You are...

Dad: Come on, say it.

Dad: Tom, you're a genius!

Noah: Genius.

Mom: You're very smart.

Dad: Genius. Come on, you know it.

Mom: You're cute. You're very cute.

Dad: Genius. Genius.

Alana: Hey. Hey. Remember me?

Bethany: No.

Alana: That's really nice.

Bethany: Best friends since birth, nothing. No. Nothing. Good. Good sign. Hey, thanks for coming.

Alana: Thanks for calling. I'm sorry I snapped at you at regionals.

Bethany: Me, too.

Alana: I miss you.

Bethany: Me, too.

Alana: Friends?

Bethany: Of course.

Keoki: Hey, Bethany! I saw you surfing out there this morning. You were amazing.

Bethany: Maybe for a girl with one arm.

Keoki: By any standard. As for one arm, that just levels the playing field.

Bethany: All right, all right. What do you want?

Keoki: I want you to dominate at nationals.

Bethany: Hey, Keoki, thanks.

Keoki: For what?

Bethany: Just for always showing up for me, no matter what.

Keoki: Well, it's because I care about you. I mean, even if you did miss my last competition and all.

Bethany: I was in the hospital you psycho.

Keoki: Excuses, excuses. Bethany, I'm sorry. I wasn't even...

Bethany: Gotcha. Sucker!

妙语佳句 活学活用

1. fan mail: 粉丝邮件,一般是影迷(或球迷)写给明星的信

2. no way: 不会吧

no way一般表示“决不,不可能”,例如:I am in no way to blame.(我一点也没错。)

3. root for: 支持,赞助

例如:John was rooting for the Scottish football team in the World Cup.(约翰在世界杯比赛中为苏格兰足球队喝彩。)

类似的说法还有thump for,thump在此处表示“竭力支持”。

例如:All her classmates thumped for her.(她的同班同学都全力支持她。)

4. Name it: 讲出来

例如:She can make anything: chairs, tables, cupboards you name it.(她什么都会做: 椅子、桌子、 柜橱——你说出什么她都会做。)

5. snap at: 厉声说,急促地说

例如:The mother snapped at the noisy children. (母亲厉声斥责吵吵闹闹的孩子。)

6. playing field: 运动场

7. psycho: 精神病患者,也可以表示精神分析,心理分析

8. gotcha: I’ve got you. 常用于口语。在这里贝瑟妮的意思是“你被骗了”。



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