New Fabric Helps Fight Allergies

2015-10-08 10:32

Many people around the world suffer from dust-related allergies, caused mainly by tiny mites that live in bed linen.

Exercise Helps Lower Fitness Age

2015-09-25 09:37

The research found that older athletes' fitness age is more than 20 years younger than their chronological age.

Refugee Tide to Austria Slows

2015-09-24 08:57

The stream of refugees into Vienna's central train station has slowed in recent days after Hungary closed its borders.

Migrant Flow Puts Pressure on Germany

2015-09-23 13:17

Germany is facing questions on how it will deal with the influx.

Francis: The Face of New York's Cookie

2015-09-22 13:00

Pope Francis' visit to the US has charged the tourism industry in New York and Philadelphia.

Orchestra Highlights LA Youth Talent

2015-09-21 16:12

The Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles highlights the talents of minority young people in neighborhoods often seen as plagued with crime and violence.

Farmers Brace for Climate Change

2015-09-18 10:06

In Kenya, rising temperatures, extreme weather and shifting rain patterns are complicating life for small-scale tea farmers.

Mother Robot Builds Own Children

2015-09-17 12:48

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in England have created a mother robot that not only constructs its own children, but tests their performance.

Vitamin D Supplements May Slow Dementia

2015-09-16 12:45

It's expected that Alzheimer's disease and dementia will strengthen their grip on older adults. Researchers are studying vitamin D to see if it can slow the onset of dementia.

Costs of Unsafe Abortions

2015-09-15 15:26

Unsafe abortion accounts for up to 15% of maternal deaths every year. What's more, 7 million women annually are treated at medical facilities after complications set in.

Carousel Simulates Fish Swimming Patterns

2015-09-14 11:32

The millions of tourists who visit New York City have a new and exciting attraction to experience.

US Should Intervene Less, Not More

2015-09-11 13:14

Middle East expert Joshua Landis followed the advice of an academic colleague at the University of Oklahoma and started a blog called Syria Comment.

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