African food security varies by region

2015-06-04 11:02

Western Africa led the continent in reducing the number of undernourished people since the early 1990s.

Heat-resistant Glassware Celebrates 100th Anniversary

2015-06-02 13:04

The characteristic sound of putting the lid on a Pyrex dish is recognizable to many.

US voters seek answers from presidential candidates on IS gains

2015-05-28 11:37

The growth of the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria comes as the 2016 US presidential campaign kicks off in the Midwest state of Iowa.

Tutu lends support to age campaign

2015-05-26 15:59

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is lending his support to a campaign to ensure the rights of older people.

Scientists say we need softer robots

2015-05-21 11:12

He says researchers were inspired by Baymax, a robot in the popular Disney movie Big Hero 6.

Latest Terror Threat Is on Social Media

2015-05-14 10:59

A top Obama administration official says the fight against terrorism has entered what he calls a new phase.

NASA Looks to Private Sector for Future of Space Flight

2015-05-08 10:49

Many companies are capitalizing on the future of space travel thanks to an evolving partnership with the U.S. space agency, NASA.

Homeless Shelter For LGBT Youth Opens in Washington

2015-05-05 11:15

A new homeless shelter called Casa Ruby is opening in Washington, DC that is specifically for the LGBT community.

In Kenyan prison, good grades are path to freedom

2014-11-21 10:53

Eighteen people in central Kenya are taking the country's secondary education test, called the KCSE.

Structure your essay in five paragraph essay format

2014-11-21 10:53

Many students say there is no easy way to write college papers.

Progress made in fight against Ebola

2014-11-20 09:41

International health officials say the number of new Ebola cases in West Africa is falling.

Surgery safaris: Looking for the perfect body

2014-11-20 09:41

Many people these days are going as far as South Africa to get their version of perfection.











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