Kenyan Town to Become Cycling Hub

2015-10-23 09:53

The sport of cycling has steadily built a following in East Africa in recent years.

Healers Key to Stamping Out Ebola

2015-10-22 13:53

Guinea is the last country where people are still getting sick from Ebola, and health authorities are rallying traditional healers to help in the fight against the disease.

Reparations for War Victims

2015-10-21 13:27

Five years after the deadly 2010 post-election violence in Ivory Coast, the country is determined to consolidate its peace.

Kenyan Moms Get 2nd Chance at Education

2015-10-20 13:24

An initiative that is giving teen mothers a second chance to complete their educations.

Film Hopes to Inspire New Scientists

2015-10-19 16:02

The Martian is making hundreds of millions of dollars and has gotten good reviews.

Activists Decry Lagos Slum Demolition

2015-10-16 09:13

Acting on a court order, authorities in Nigeria demolished a slum last month in the commercial capital, Lagos.

Video Game leads to Weak Performance

2015-10-15 11:32

A new study warns that too much time spent playing computer games can affect a child's performance at school.

How Heat Damages Human Hair

2015-10-14 10:12

One of the ways for keeping hair in shape involves applying heat, but just how much of it and for how long has been mostly left to experience.

Solar Cells May Replace Panels

2015-10-13 10:43

Rapidly expanding solar cell technology relies on expensive photovoltaic materials such as silicon or cadmium telluride installation and maintenance costs are still high.

Sign of Turkey's Deep Troubles

2015-10-12 13:43

Turkey has begun a three-day period of mourning following Saturday's bomb attacks in the capital that killed nearly 100 people.

First Self-Driving Truck Debuts

2015-10-10 09:39

The first automated semi-trailer truck started its maiden voyage Friday, October 2, on a European highway.

Programs to Curb Youth Violence

2015-10-09 11:31

US city officials and police in some communities are fighting back with programs designed to steer young people away from a life of crime.

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