Most entertaining documentary may win the Oscar

2013-02-20 09:31

Documentaries are the least popular film genre. They don’t showcase special effects or superstars.

Washington week: Focus turns to US-Pacific ties

2013-02-19 09:38

U.S.-Pacific ties take center stage in Washington this week, as Japan’s prime minister visits the White House on Friday.

Thousands march on White House to protest climate change

2013-02-19 09:29

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the White House, to urge President Barack Obama to aggressively combat climate change.

US troop reduction to test Afghans

2013-02-18 12:27

The president put the drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan into high gear ahead of next year’s withdrawal deadline.

Horse meat scandal spreads across Europe

2013-02-18 11:12

The horse meat scandal started in Ireland and the United Kingdom in January, but has since spread all around the EU.

Oscar-nominated film traces journey of ailing African youngsters

2013-02-17 09:13

The film follows Rwandan cardiologist Emmanuel Rusingiza as he struggles to save young heart patients, some with just months to live.

Operation walk gives needy patients new life

2013-02-17 09:13

"You just want to give up. You turn into yourself. You close off to the outside world. It is very depressing," he explains.

Teenager wins top prize for pancreatic cancer test

2013-02-16 09:39

The 16-year-old Maryland resident is the youngest-ever recipient of the $75,000 award, beating out more than 1,500 students from 70 countries.

India's youth keep spotlight on violence against women

2013-02-16 09:39

Nearly a hundred strangers from all over the city have come together here with one message: "Wake up New Delhi and rise up against violence,” chant the protesters.

Five actresses compete for coveted Oscar

2013-02-14 09:25

This is the second Oscar nomination for Watts. The first was for her role as a grieving wife and mother in 21 Grams.

Benedict departure will leave little room for change

2013-02-14 09:25

The announcement by Pope Benedict XVI that he will resign on Feb. 28 shocked Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

30,000 Sandy-damaged cars stored on eastern Long Island

2013-02-08 10:13

And in its midst, an abandoned airport on the eastern end of the island - with almost 20,000 vehicles ruined by Superstorm Sandy.











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