Device Keeps Internet On When Power Goes Off

2013-05-15 15:31

A team of Americans and Kenyans has developed a new Internet router - and it's creating buzz.

Scientists Search for Those Long Missing

2013-05-15 15:31

They say it would help locate the remains of a lone murder victim or the mass graves of victims of war.

Egyptians Wonder When, If, Mubarak Case Will End

2013-05-14 09:53

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is set to appear in court again June 8, as the case against him grinds slowly on.

Former PM Nawaz Sharif Set to Lead Pakistan Once Again

2013-05-14 09:53

After a late night of celebrating Pakistan’s national election results, which showed former prime minister and businessman Nawaz Sharif as the big winner.

Some US Nurses Struggle to Find Work

2013-05-13 14:47

US nurses are caught between a sour economy, a demographic bump and a flood of unemployed new graduates.

US Working Mothers Struggle Daily to Balance Family, Career

2013-05-13 14:47

This busy mother of three says she has been trying hard to juggle the needs of her family with her work.

Deep Divisions Surface After Landmark Malaysian Elections

2013-05-10 14:15

The National Front maintains that the elections were free and fair.

Record Low Price for HPV Vaccine

2013-05-10 14:15

Millions of girls in developing countries could soon have access to a vaccine that protects against cervical cancer.

3 Million Newborns Die Within First Month

2013-05-08 17:12

The humanitarian organization Save the Children has released its annual State of the World’s Mothers report.

Fire Season Starts Early in California

2013-05-07 13:38

Ventura County firefighter Tony McHale said dry weather has brought an early fire season.

Ancient Festival Unites Egyptian Muslims, Christians

2013-05-07 13:38

In this time of tension between Muslims and Christians, Egyptians of both faiths are celebrating a spring festival that predates their religions.











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