After Sandy, Wall Street closed for 2nd day(视频)

2012-11-01 10:28

Major US stock and bond markets were closed again on Tuesday, a day after Hurricane Sandy swept through New York City.

Spain's economic crisis sparks Catalonia independence drive(视频)

2012-11-01 10:28

The Catalan move comes as other regions in Europe also are seeking independent status.

Low-lying areas of New York City suffer flooding

2012-10-31 09:17

Hurricane Sandy brought heavy rain and high winds, leaving many areas of America’s Eastern Seaboard underwater.

Florida Seniors split on medicare debate

2012-10-31 09:17

Solutions proposed by the candidates are reinforcing the existing ideological divide between the parties

Reality TV show helps farmers improve livelihoods(视频)

2012-10-30 09:53

The team provides advice and assists the farmer with planting, harvesting, pest eradication, livestock care, and even financial literacy.

Cloud Atlas: A tale of birth, death and re-birth(视频)

2012-10-30 09:53

The story centers on six stories from the 1800s up to our distant future.

Traditional shaman ceremony attracts New Yorkers

2012-10-29 09:25

The despacho ceremony is thousands of years old. It aims to bring balance between the human world, the natural world and the spiritual realm.

More women starting businesses in US

2012-10-29 09:25

According to the US Census Bureau, that number is on the rise, especially in fields that were once considered male-only territory.

Environmentalists worried over increased production of autos

2012-10-26 09:53

The new production record is heightening concerns among environmentalists.

NYC schools expand birth control availability

2012-10-26 09:53

Every year in New York, more than 2,500 girls under 18 give birth, and many drop out of school.

Wastewater plants extract nutrients from sewage(视频)

2012-10-25 10:16

Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington is the largest facility of its kind in the world and is among the leaders in the effort.

Falconer uses birds to give young people hope(视频)

2012-10-25 10:16

Rodney Stotts is passionate about birds of prey. He found his calling through birds of prey.











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