Gay NBA Player Breaks Athletic Barrier

2013-05-02 14:36

Collins said his decision to go public with his sexual orientation was difficult.

May Day Rallies Held Around the World

2013-05-02 14:36

Workers across Spain, where the unemployment rate has rocketed to 27 percent, are holding rallies to call for economic policy changes.

Multi, social media play huge role in solving Boston bombing

2013-04-28 10:25

Twitter, Facebook and Internet websites all are credited with the effort.

Floods challenge midwest farmers

2013-04-28 10:25

Farmers in the U.S. midwest are anxious to plant crops. But heavy rains and record flooding are preventing them from heading to the fields.

Automakers capitalizing on Chinese appetite for larger, luxury cars

2013-04-26 10:12

Bring an auto show to Shanghai, China, and people are sure to come -- tens of thousands of potential car buyers from the world's largest auto market.

Thanks to volunteers, elderly can age in place

2013-04-26 10:12

Phyllis Ramberg, 85, lives alone in Hyattsville, Maryland, in the same house her parents lived in for many decades.

Comic convention brings superheroes, super fans

2013-04-25 09:57

Recently one such convention was held in Washington and drew thousands of visitors.

President Obama look-alike performs at Washington events

2013-04-25 09:57

In the Washington area, Larry Graves, who closely resembles President Barack Obama, entertains people at conferences and other events as an Obama look-alike.

Protesters join funeral of former British Prime Minister

2013-04-18 10:07

As the funeral procession made its way to the cathedral, opponents of Thatcher lined the route...

Community organizer fights blight in Detroit

2013-04-18 10:07

If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, then the Brightmoor neighborhood of Detroit is John George’s gold mine.

Exhibit at Berlin Jewish Museum Stokes Debate

2013-04-17 09:51

The exhibit at Berlin’s Jewish museum seeks to answer frequently asked questions about Jews.

Global economic prospects improve but recovery is 'bumpy' for some

2013-04-17 09:51

The rise of emerging economies, a stagnant Europe and the plight of the world's poor takes center stage.











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