Venezuelans vote for Chavez successor

2013-04-16 10:57

Maria Ortega said she voted for Maduro because that is what President Chavez wanted.

Spectacular cherry blossoms in Maryland lure international visitors

2013-04-16 10:57

The blooms are at peak, and so are the number of tourists who come to gaze at them.

Cameroon, FAO install move to protect mangroves

2013-04-15 09:50

Mangroves play an important part in maintaining Africa’s coastlines and human livelihoods.

India’s gay community fights for acceptance, equality

2013-04-15 09:50

Indian activists are listening closely as the U.S. Supreme Court debates the issue of same sex marriage.

US plays unique role in fighting deadliest diseases

2013-04-12 09:33

Diseases change constantly. New ones develop. Old ones mutate. Drugs that once contained them no longer work.

Rival GDP measure puts emphasis on social progress

2013-04-12 09:33

Since the early 20th century, the United States has topped the global table of Gross Domestic Product.

Same-sex marriage faced a serious test in US

2013-04-11 09:56

Thousands of peaceful demonstrators gathered outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC this week.

Dietary changes help lower blood pressure

2013-04-11 09:56

There are many studies indicating that reducing salt or sodium intake can lower the risk of stroke and related illnesses.

US drone strikes under scrutiny

2013-04-10 14:23

Unmanned drones are being used with increasing frequency in fighting terrorist groups like al-Qaida.

Egyptian w omen reject blame for upsurge in sexual harrassment

2013-04-10 14:23

In Egypt, women's rights groups are pushing back against some Islamists' attempts to blame women for an upsurge in sexual harassment.

Russia promises a snowy Sochi 2014

2013-04-09 15:56

Russia chose one of its southernmost cities — subtropical Sochi — as its nominee for next year's Winter Olympics.

Economic hard times increase immigration tensions in Europe

2013-04-09 15:56

The United States is not the only country engaged in the emotionally charged debate over immigration.











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