'Gangnam Style' boosts S.Korean tourism

2012-11-19 09:40

And now the South Korean tourism industry is hoping to cash in on the song's international success.

World Prematurity Day aims to lower rates of premature births

2012-11-19 09:40

Preterm birth is the greatest killer of newborns around the world, yet most of these babies could be saved, according to Dr. Joy Lawn with Save the Children.

Remote US museum survives in Hells Canyon

2012-11-16 10:20

The rushing Snake River cut America’s deepest gorge through Idaho in the Rocky Mountains of the American Northwest.

US 'patriotic millionaires': 'tax us more'

2012-11-16 09:51

“We have the fastest growing rate of inequality in the developed world," said one.

Blake Shelton wins big at CMA Awards

2012-11-15 10:57

Husband-and-wife duo Thompson Square earned its first CMA award and ended Sugarland’s five-year winning streak as Vocal Duo of the Year.

Psychologist tells inspiring story of his giant uncle

2012-11-15 10:57

On stage, he was known as Jack Earle, The Texas Giant. To his show business friends, he was a gentle and considerate man.

Obama, House Speaker take positions on budget(视频)

2012-11-14 10:47

Republicans say tax hikes on the wealthy would result in massive job losses.

Did hurricane Sandy send a climate warning?

2012-11-14 10:47

Elwyn Grainger-Jones calls it the never-ending question: is climate change responsible for storms becoming bigger and stronger?

Global warming might threaten water supply

2012-11-13 09:48

The story is the same in other parts of the northern hemisphere, where snowpack is a natural, and critical, water reservoir.

US demands inquiry into Petraeus resignation(视频)

2012-11-13 09:48

Influential US lawmakers are demanding more information about the FBI probe that led to last week's resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus.

New 007 movie reveals Bond's inner demons(视频)

2012-11-12 10:49

Fifty years after Dr. No, the first James Bond film, 007 is back in action in Skyfall.

Breathe Carolina re-releases "Hell is What You Make it"(视频)

2012-11-12 10:49

As a sign of its success, the group has become headliners on the main stage.











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