More Steps Toward 'Smart Everything'

2015-12-03 11:08

The Consumer Electronics Show held each January in Las Vegas is considered to be the most important display of everyday technologies expected to hit the market during the rest of the year.

Ebola Outbreak Shows Reforms Needed

2015-12-02 16:33

A panel of experts says major reforms of the global health system are needed - if the world is to avoid a repeat of the Ebola epidemic that swept across West Africa in 2014 and early 2015.

Electronics Make Driving Easier

2015-12-01 16:47

New cars increasingly use connected technology, and incremental improvements in automotive electronics are making cars safer and smarter.

At Climate Summit, Hope for Emissions Deal

2015-11-30 09:46

Scientists say if that continues at current levels, two-thirds of the plateau's glaciers will likely be gone by 2050.

Retailers Gear Up for Shopping Season

2015-11-27 08:59

This year, close to 150 million U.S. citizens will go shopping over Thanksgiving weekend.

Underage Marriage in Pakistan

2015-11-26 16:03

A recent study by the child advocacy group Plan International suggests females in Pakistan marry at a significantly younger age than males.

Reminder of Threat of Returning Jihadis

2015-11-25 16:17

Top security and intelligence officials are warning the deadly attacks in Paris - claimed by the Islamic State terror group - are likely not a one-off event.

Tourists Support for Paris After Attacks

2015-11-24 10:21

As Paris continues to mourn and recover from the worst attack since World War II, the tourists the city's economy depends on are voicing their support.

Paris Attacks Question US Security

2015-11-23 16:13

Horrific terrorist carnage in Paris has refocused Washington’s attention on the Islamic State (IS) group and its ambition to strike within the United States.

Modern Tennis Technique of Sliding

2015-11-20 08:46

Sliding to return a shot is a common tennis practice on clay courts, but lately players have started using it on grass and hard courts as well.

Europe Needs to Do More for Refugees

2015-11-19 14:59

Europe's largest humanitarian crisis since World War II is far from over.

Activists  to Save Syria's Cultural History

2015-11-18 14:59

The museum in the Syrian town of Maarat al-Numan is well-known for its ancient Roman and Byzantine mosaics,mosaics are now hidden from view, indefinitely.

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