New technology used to track US flu outbreak(视频)

2013-01-24 10:28

In just a few months, Flu Near You has recruited 40,000 volunteers and keeps growing.

Ocean floor reveals past climate changes

2013-01-24 10:28

As the earth’s climate changes, one tool for understanding its environmental impacts is the study of past climate changes.

US president attends inaugural prayer service

2013-01-23 14:45

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden attended a prayer service at Washington’s National Cathedral on Tuesday.

Michelle Obama stuns in Jason Wu gown

2013-01-23 14:45

Michelle Obama dazzled in a ruby red gown at the inaugural balls Monday night.

First lady's new hairstyle creates buzz

2013-01-22 13:47

For thousands more, though, it is the president's wife - first lady Michelle Obama - who is the main attraction.

US economy faces another cliff

2013-01-22 13:47

The US government has already reached the congressionaly imposed borrowing limit of $16.4 trillion and could run out of money by mid-February.

Soaring population, climate change stress resources

2013-01-21 12:56

The problem facing the world community is how to meet those needs while reining in the global greenhouse gases warming the earth.

Inaugural festivities put the 'party' into political parties

2013-01-21 12:56

People come from across the country to take part in inaugural festivities, including Burga Santiago of California, who is visiting Washington for the first time.

WHO warns of malaria resurgence

2012-12-19 10:49

The WHO has released its annual World Malaria Report, which warns of funding and resource shortfalls.

E-commerce challenges traditional stores

2012-12-19 10:49

Other than food, 90 percent of her purchases are made on the computer in her Washington apartment.

Killing of US school children sparks gun control discussion

2012-12-18 10:26

Authorities say the weapons used in the Newtown shooting were legally registered to Nancy Lanza, the mother of the gunman, Adam Lanza.

Tattoos illustrate art of saving lives

2012-12-18 10:26

While many view tattoos as a creative way to express themselves, for Rhoderick it is a potential lifesaver.











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