London set for huge Chinese New Year celebrations(视频)

2013-02-08 10:13

The parade of dancers will weave through the crowds, stopping at restaurants to wish the owners good luck.

Battle for US immigration reform gathers steam

2013-02-07 13:11

There are an estimated 11-million illegal immigrants in the United States with more still hoping to cross the border.

Obama to speak about his faith at prayer breakfast

2013-02-07 13:11

The National Prayer Breakfast is a chance for influential Americans and foreign dignitaries to hear the president talk about his faith, as he did last year.

US tragedies make gun control likely target in State of the Union Address

2013-02-07 13:11

In a country where the tradition of gun ownership goes back to the founding of the nation, any talk of taking guns away triggers an emotional reaction on both sides.

Indian activists say new rape law falls short

2013-02-07 13:11

Rao never spoke out about what she and many other women suffer on a daily basis. And she says her silence was part of the problem.

Kerry begins work as Secretary of State

2013-02-06 10:52

US Secretary of State John Kerry has begun work as America's top diplomat. On his first day in office, he stressed the need to protect universal human rights.

Mitch Woods takes his 'Blues Beyond Borders'

2013-02-06 10:52

Woods spends more than half the year on tour, with many of those dates in countries around the globe.

Protecting against cervical cancer

2013-02-05 10:22

Most cervical cancer is caused by certain types of the human papillomavirus, or HPV. It’s transmitted through sex.

Focus on gun control, Obama cabinet picks

2013-02-05 10:22

President Obama travels to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to promote proposals for reducing gun violence.

Secret monitoring clouds 9/11 proceedings

2013-02-04 10:58

The judge on Thursday ordered that switches controlled by outside censors be disconnected.

Future smart devices will extend our senses

2013-02-04 10:58

Imagine shopping for clothes online and being able to run your hand across the screen on your computer or smartphone to feel the fabrics.

Two films, directors are top Oscar contenders

2013-02-04 10:58

With Lincoln, Steven Spielberg created not only an Oscar-worthy film but a new classic.











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