Teacher uses music to make math fun, cool

2013-02-01 14:43

A teacher in the Washington suburbs has found a way to engage and motivate students-- by bringing rhythm and fun to mathematics.

BlackBerry unveils two new smartphones

2013-02-01 14:43

For BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, it's another chance to remake a faded brand.

A look back at Hillary Clinton years as America's top diplomat

2013-01-31 10:22

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has repeatedly been seen by the public as the world's most admired woman.

High-tech images show how viruses infect cells

2013-01-31 10:22

University of Texas researchers recently collaborated on an innovative technique that allowed them to see a virus in the act of infecting a cell.

Classical sounds invade country music capital

2013-01-30 09:39

Nashville, Tennessee, home to the famous Grand Ole Opry, is perhaps best known as America's country music capital.

France deploys special forces as terrorism fears grow

2013-01-30 09:39

France has deployed more than 700 soldiers across the capital as fears grow over the potential for reprisals following the military intervention in Mali.

Focus turns to immigration reform(视频)

2013-01-29 09:35

The president restated his commitment to immigration reform in his inaugural address last week.

Up to half of world food production is wasted(视频)

2013-01-29 09:35

Every year the world produces around four billion tons of food. And between a third and half of it goes to waste.

40 years Later, US abortion opinions remain passionate(视频)

2013-01-28 09:04

It's been 40 years since the US Supreme Court legalized abortion, but the controversy over the practice is as fierce as ever.

Is investing in Africa a good bet?

2013-01-28 09:04

Many sub-Saharan countries have had sustained economic growth despite the global recession.

Britain could be on oath to EU exit(视频)

2013-01-25 09:53

British Prime Minister David Cameron has begun a process that could lead to Britain's exit from the European Union.

US economy faces another cliff

2013-01-25 09:53

The US government has already reached the congressionaly imposed borrowing limit of $16.4 trillion and could run out of money by mid-February.











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