Greece Struggles to Cope with Migrants

2015-07-15 15:13

One hundred fifty-five thousand migrants have arrived in Greece this year – almost half by sea.

Greece Gets Reprieve But Difficulties Far from Over

2015-07-14 17:03

European leaders announced a tentative agreement Monday to provide Greece with another bailout.

Hemingway's Grandson Hopeful About Renewal of US-Cuba Ties

2015-07-10 14:17

Hemingway's Havana home is a grand reminder of Cuba's past and its love for the famous American author.

UNESCO Chief Warns of 'Cultural Cleansing' in War Zones

2015-07-07 14:59

Militants distributed a video of its fighters destroying ancient artifacts.

Family of American Marine Calls for Release From Iranian Prison

2015-07-02 15:20

A former U.S. Marine traveled to Iran. Two weeks later, he was arrested.

Scientists Explore How Brains Work During Conversations

2015-07-02 14:56

Yale University neuroscientist Joy Hirsch said scientists would like to understand the neurocircuitry behind this interaction between individuals.

Robots Gaining Ground in Kitchens

2015-06-25 14:02

The restaurant industry may soon see many robots taking over jobs.

Experts: Greek Debt Deal Only Short-term Fix

2015-06-25 13:54

A proposal from the Greek government could be the basis of a deal with its creditors.

South Korea to offer MERS insurance to tourists

2015-06-17 14:32

The government will offer free traveler insurance that will cover all medical costs if a visitor contracts MERS.

Ukraine Restaurant Spoofs Russian Propaganda

2015-06-16 10:26

Russia's propaganda on the conflict in Ukraine has often reached absurd levels.

Shifting consumer tastes change fast-food industry

2015-06-11 10:37

Young people are likely to hang out at other restaurants today, like Chipotle. The growing Mexican-food chain advertises its healthful ingredients.

Archeologists uncover clues on beginnings of agriculture

2015-06-09 10:29

This was the area where humans started a revolutionary transition - from hunting and gathering to farming.











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