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11. The anticorruption campaign you began has been among your most popular initiatives at home. What is being done to base anticorruption efforts more on rules and institutions? Will officials be required to report their assets publicly? Businesspeople have complained that the campaign is hurting the economy. Are you prepared to relax the crackdown to help the economy?

XI: Cracking down on corruption is what all countries must do and what their peoples wish to see. The ultimate purpose of the Chinese Communist Party is to serve the people wholeheartedly. Our Party owes its governing status to the support of the people, so we must maintain its flesh-and-blood ties with the people. The Party does not operate in a vacuum, so it has unavoidably found itself with problems of one kind or another. Corruption is just such a persistent one. The Party must be courageous enough to face up to the problem and go out to correct it through self-purification and self-rectification. Our people hate corruption more than anything else and we must act to allay their concerns. Therefore, we decided to go after both “tigers and flies,” wrongdoers regardless of their ranks. Since the the 18th CPC National congress, we have intensified anticorruption efforts, dealt with a large number of corrupt officials in accordance with law, including some who used to hold very high offices, and won extensive support and thumbs-up from the Chinese people.
反腐败是世界各国面临的共同任务,也是民心所向。中国共产党的根本宗旨是全心全意为人民服务,中国共产党执政的基础是人民拥护,必须保持同人民群众的血肉联系。中国共产党不是生活在真空中,党内肯定会有这样那样的问题,腐败问题就是其中一个顽症。中国共产党敢于直面问题、纠正错误,善于自我净化、自我革新。人民群众最痛恨腐败,我们必须顺应民心。所以,要“老虎”、“苍蝇”一起打。中共十八大以来,我们加大了反腐败斗争力度,依法查处了一大批腐败分子,包括查处了曾经身居很高职位的一些人,赢得了中国人民支持和赞扬。the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

On institutional building in this respect, let me share with you two remarks I made. The first is that we must keep power in the cage of systemic checks. The other one is, transparency is the best precaution against corruption. As we go further in the anticorruption campaign, we will focus more on institutional building so that officials will not dare and cannot afford to be corrupt and, more importantly, have no desire to take that course. Right now, we are formulating and updating relevant laws and regulations to truly put power inside a more closely-knit cage of effective checks. With respect to asset disclosure by officials, we adopted relevant regulations back in 2010 to require such reporting which was subject to random check and verification every year. The proportion of verified reporting has increased steadily, and no one would take exception. Should anyone be found to be dishonest, they will be punished accordingly.

I once said that the fight against corruption never ends. Our zero tolerance to corruption will never change. Nor will our determination, courage and severity with which we punish it in order to rid the Party of corruption. All acts of corruption must be dealt with. Anticorruption efforts will not hurt the economy. On the contrary, fighting corruption, including such malpractices as rent-seeking, will help build a clean government, remove hurdles that impede market operations, promote fair rules and bring about a better investment and business environment.



















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