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7. Early on your leadership laid out an ambitious program for reform, promising to let markets play a “decisive” role. The stock market rescue this summer, however, has raised questions about your leadership's commitment to economic reform. Why did you think it necessary to intervene in the stock markets? What significant economic reforms lay ahead over the coming months and year? People's Daily and other state media have reported on resistance to reform; where does the opposition come from?

XI:An important goal for China's current economic reform is to enable the market to play the decisive role in resource allocation and make the government better play its role. That means we need to make good use of both the invisible hand and the visible hand.

The ups and downs of stock markets are caused by the very nature of such markets, and the government normally does not intervene. The role of the government is to maintain an open, fair and impartial market order, protect the lawful rights and interests of investors, especially small- and medium-scale investors, promote the stable growth of the stock market in the long run, and defuse massive panic. The recent unusual fluctuations in the Chinese stock market were mainly the result of previous rapid surges and big fluctuations in the international market. The Chinese government has taken some measures to defuse systemic risks. Such steps have proved successful. As a matter of fact, similar steps have also been taken in some mature foreign markets. Thanks to a mix of stabilizing steps taken, the market has entered a stage of self-correction and adjustment. To develop the capital market is a key goal of China's reform, which will not change just because of current market fluctuations.

In 2014, we advanced reform in various areas in a fast yet steady manner, and 80 major reform tasks were basically completed. On top of that, the relevant government departments completed 108 reform tasks, with 370 reform outcomes delivered in various sectors. Since the beginning of this year, we have introduced over 70 major reform plans. On Sept. 15, we discussed and adopted a number of reform plans, including the implementation of a system of negative list on market access, policies to support the development and opening-up of key border regions, a decision to accelerate the improvement of the pricing mechanism, and a plan to encourage the injection of non-state capital in investment projects launched by state-owned enterprises in accordance with due procedures. This year, we have decided to launch over 100 key reform steps, and more major economic reform steps will be introduced. Those items of reform that facilitate growth, structural adjustment, people's well-being and risk prevention will be prioritized. And substantive reform plans will be vigorously implemented in such areas as fiscal policy and taxation, finance, opening-up, the judiciary and people's well-being.

This round of reform in China is comprehensive in nature and it is being pursued with unprecedented intensity. We have made enormous efforts and managed to overcome some long-standing obstacles. These reform steps have upset the vested interests of some people, and caused changes to the career and life of some people. It is only natural that there will be difficulties. Otherwise it will not be a reform. That is why I said that we must be bold enough to crack hard nuts and ford dangerous rapids during reform and that only the daring will prevail at key stages of reform. At the same time, reform calls for down-to-earth efforts. To set unrealistic expectations, play to public opinion by talking big or just scratch the surface will not work. Like an arrow shot that cannot be brought back, we will forge ahead against all odds to meet our goals of reform.



















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