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2011-11-25 09:26

Free rein

2011-11-23 11:06
To give “free rein to the desire” to manage and dominate others is to be able to express that desire freely.

Bear the brunt of

2011-11-16 11:14
The front lines, of course, are where real battles are fought, where blood is actually shed. In a way, that’s where the brunt of the burden of fighting a war really lies.

Cross one’s path

2011-11-09 09:21
If you cross someone’s path, hence, you meet them, you see them face to face there, at the cross.

Tribute projects

2011-11-02 13:19
Or in other words, such projects are meant to be a tribute to something or someone. They make a city or region, or more likely its leader look good.

Off the beaten track

2011-10-27 15:24
It means, in short, they’ll not be writing the same old same old as everyone else has always been doing.

抽词拆句 不失“信达”

2011-10-26 11:39

At the forefront of

2011-10-19 15:05
Hence the phrase "to the fore", metaphorically meaning that someone steps forward or they want to assert themselves.


2011-10-17 16:56

Seat warmer

2011-10-12 16:37
Mr. Medvedev being merely seat warmer means, therefore, merely that he doesn’t run Russia - he occupies the seat of the President while Mr. Putin serves as Prime Minster.

The rule of the jungle

2011-09-28 14:39
Those that thrive are the stronger species or stronger members of a species – while the weakest strive to survive another day.

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