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Public outreach

2009-08-14 16:10
Public outreach: 公共推广


2009-08-13 13:34
To leapfrog someone is to overtake them with one big stride or a few big steps.

Under my skin

2009-08-12 14:39
To get under one’s skin means you are bothering or annoying them.


2009-08-07 17:25
Sucker-punched: 遭到重击

Drunk sexcapades

2009-08-06 15:26
Drunk sexcapades: 酒后乱性事件

Seasonal Affective Disorder

2009-08-04 14:46
Seasonal Affective Disorder: 季节性情绪紊乱

Up the ante

2009-08-03 15:13
Up the ante: 铤而走险

Burst one’s bubble

2009-07-31 13:06
Bursting one’s bubble is disappointing them or letting them down.

Talk oneself into a corner

2009-07-30 14:35
Talk oneself into a corner:让自己陷入窘境

See eye to eye

2009-07-29 11:48
see eye to eye: 看法一致

loose ends

2009-07-27 14:34
Loose ends: 未完之事

Spare tire

2009-07-24 14:00
Spare tire: extra roll of fat that sits around the waistline.

Scare the daylights out of

2009-07-23 14:10
Scare the daylight out of someone: 吓坏某人

Eat humble pie

2009-07-22 15:56
To “eat humble pie” is to admit guilt and apologize for an error and face humiliation.

Nose-bleed section

2009-07-21 14:53
Seats in the nose-bleed section refer to the cheapest seats.

Have a cow

2009-07-17 13:37
Have a cow means to get worked up and/or overreact.

Be on the cards

2009-07-16 13:52
Be on the cards: 可能会发生

An incredible run

2009-07-15 13:46
An incredible run,大获全胜

Off the rails

2009-07-14 15:04
Off the rails: 异于常态

By the book

2009-07-13 13:42
By the book,循规蹈矩

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