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take sth in stride

2014-03-20 11:08
For Clinton’s mother to take her husband’s death in stride is for her to take the sad news in a calm way.

Sour puss 酸猫?

2014-02-26 10:51
Sour puss then means sour face, a facial expression that is sour – grouchy, scowling and habitually gloomy and unhappy.

in double time

2014-02-19 11:07
In other words, workers were double quick.

out of the bottle

2014-02-12 16:44
Once the genie is out of the bottle, you can’t put it back in.

national god

2014-02-10 14:08
Hence, “money will be the national god”, or the nation’s god.

give my right arm

2014-01-26 16:38
The Chinese are always ready to help.

sit sb down

2014-01-15 15:14
That’s exactly the situation where the speaker faces here.

hitch one's wagon to a star

2014-01-08 14:00
Guess you’ll have to hitch your wagon to the right star – if there were one.

fighting without fighting

2013-12-25 16:12
If the master is worth his salt, that is.

on the back of

2013-12-24 17:17
It may be helpful to understand “back” as the backside of somebody, back against the front.

the buck stops there?

2013-12-12 14:57
Hence, from this, passing the buck becomes a general phrase for passing one’s responsibility to others.

bargain for jobs

2013-12-06 15:54
A bargain is a purchase that’s bought at a lower than usual price.

Build the case

2013-11-27 17:01
If you understand case as in a legal case, you’ll have no problem understanding how people BUILD their cases.

Sound bites

2013-11-20 16:31
“Sound bites” suggest that this “daily quote of inspiration” is in audio rather than in print.

Keep out of the park

2013-11-06 16:14
Knocking it out of the park? What’s “it”? What park?

Go places

2013-10-30 14:43
In other words, they never get a chance to GO and visit different PLACES.

Go the extra mile

2013-10-25 11:22
Do more than what you’re asked for. Work harder than others.

Pop diva

2013-10-17 15:18
In fact, the male form of the word is divo, someone deified after death.

a huge shot in the arm

2013-10-09 09:51
A huge boost, undoubtedly, to an economy that’s been stagnant for 20 years.

Pipe dream

2013-09-25 10:18
Pipe refers to the opium pipe, the thin, long tube those opium smokers used in the olden days.

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