Golden Globe: 金球奖

2005-01-17 11:18

Annette Bening of "Being Julia" and Clive Owen and Natalie Portman of the sex drama "Closer" won Golden Globes on Sunday, boosting their prospects for the upcoming Academy Awards.

Accountable: 负有责任的

2005-01-12 10:06

"And the secretary-general will have to be accountable for those management problems," he added in the television interview.

Manatee: 海牛

2005-01-10 10:18

The fury of four hurricanes in Florida may have spared the state's endangered manatee population from further decline.

Refinery: 精炼厂,炼油厂

2004-12-28 09:42

The agreements allow Chinese companies to explore for oil, set up refineries and produce natural gas in the South American country, officials said earlier.

Verdict: 判决,定论

2004-12-24 12:03

A European Union court is to issue its initial verdict in a high-profile anti-trust case pitting US software giant Microsoft against the EU's executive commission.

Hit man: 杀手

2004-12-13 10:01

Rounding out the group's list, which did not rank the films, were the hit-man thriller "Collateral"; the quirky romances "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Sideways"; the football drama "Friday Night Lights"; the drug-smuggling drama "Maria Full of Grace"; and "Kinsey," a film biography of sexuality researcher Alfred Kinsey.

Decadence: 颓废,堕落

2004-12-13 09:31

Beauty pageants were once considered reviled displays of western decadence but have become big business in Communist-ruled China following more than two decades of economic reforms.

Deposit: 保证金,订金

2004-12-10 10:01

The United States may open to Chinese group tours next year, but travelers will have to put down a substantial deposit before booking a trip to America.

Charts: 流行音乐排行榜

2004-12-08 09:25

The Grammys have gone autobiographical. Kanye West raps about religion, his fears and his own greatness. Usher steamed up the charts with songs about sex, affairs and breakups. Alicia Keys sang about aching for love, confiding secrets and imagining a different future for herself.

Crooner: 低吟歌手

2004-12-07 09:14

With the year's top album and single, Usher doesn't have to worry about getting left out when Grammy nominees are announced Tuesday. The question simply is how many nominations the R&B crooner will get.

Biodiversity: 生物多样性

2004-12-02 10:12

The images indicated that from 8,920 square miles to 9,420 square miles, or an area bigger than New Jersey, was cut down this year, said Joao Paulo Capobianco, the government's secretary of biodiversity and forests.

Blog: 网络日志

2004-12-02 09:41

Hoping to keep more Internet users in its branded universe, Microsoft Corp. has become the latest company to offer blogging to the masses.











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