inflation : 通货膨胀

2005-08-17 09:05

Consumer inflation shot up in July as rising gasoline prices pinched drivers' wallets from coast to coast.

Initial public offering: 公开募股

2005-08-01 09:41

Now the startup founded by two Chinese veterans of American tech firms is preparing to follow Google's example with an initial public offering in the United States, hoping to raise $45 million.

Same-store sales: 同店销售额

2005-07-04 11:03

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. raised its forecast for June same-store sales, citing demand for seasonal and general merchandise.

Threshold: 上限,极限

2005-06-28 09:29

With $60 no longer a threshold - and with continued concerns about refining capacities - prices appeared set to go even higher, analysts said.

Big-ticket: 高价的,昂贵的

2005-06-27 09:12

Entrepreneurs grumble that executives pander to big-ticket electronics vendors and industrial manufacturers - not the teddy bear enthusiasts and numismatists who were faithful a decade ago, when eBay was founded and enjoyed a kitschy obscurity. They complain about shoddy customer service, including site crashes and anti-fraud software that too often mistakes a legitimate business for a huckster.

Cartel: 同业联盟,卡特尔

2005-06-14 11:29

The anticipated increase would bring the official quota to 28 million barrels per day - a symbolic gesture, analysts said, since the cartel is already pumping that much. Including Iraq, which is not bound by the official quota, OPEC's daily output was 29.3 million barrels a day in May, according to the International Energy Agency.

Newswire: 新闻专线

2005-05-31 10:43

The April figure was also better than the 4.5 percent forecast by economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires.

Happy Hour: 欢乐时光

2005-05-24 10:14

Beer-swilling Britons face a sobering prospect: an unhappy hour. A group representing about half the country's pubs and bars said Monday it is curbing Happy Hour offers and other deals that encourage irresponsible drinking, a British pastime that has come under increasing attack from the government.

Ratification: 批准,承认

2005-05-09 09:51

Bahrain has its own agreement awaiting U.S. Congress ratification. Two other members of the six-state Gulf Cooperation Council -- Oman and the United Arab Emirates -- have started talks on free trade deals with the U.S.

Thriller: 惊悚片

2005-04-26 09:51

Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn's "The Interpreter" translated into solid box-office as the United Nations thriller debuted with $22.8 million to top the weekend for Hollywood.

Peck: 啄,轻吻

2005-04-15 09:12

The "MareNostrum," built by IBM Corp., boasts 40 teraflops of speed. It can make more calculations in one second than a human pecking at a calculator could make in 10 million years.

Buyout: 全部买下

2005-04-01 10:43

Shares in Lenovo Group, the largest Chinese maker of personal computers, rose Thursday after three buyout funds bought a stake in the company for $350 million.











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