Step down: 辞职,下台

2004-11-23 10:45

McDonald's Corp. said on Monday President and Chief Executive Charlie Bell had stepped down to focus on his cancer treatment and that Vice Chairman Jim Skinner would replace him.

Benchmark: 基准点,衡量标准

2004-11-04 10:57

The US stock market has closed higher in response to George W Bush's victory in the presidential elections. The benchmark Dow Jones share index closed more than 1% higher at 10,137, while the Nasdaq rose 0.9% to 2,004.

Beaked whale: 突吻鲸,喙鲸

2004-11-04 09:45

The remains of a rare whale washed ashore on a northern New South Wales beach are to be sent to the Australian Museum. Originally thought to be a Longman's beaked whale, the specimen has now been identified as a bottlenose whale.

Procurement: 采购

2004-11-02 09:38

Aircraft maker Airbus will set up an engineering centre in China next year to further strengthen its Research & Development (R&D) strategy in addition to its significantly increasing procurement in China, reported China Daily on Tuesday.

Handset: 手机

2004-10-29 09:57

The world's largest handset maker's market share grew to 31 per cent in the third quarter from 29 per cent in the previous three months, said Strategy Analytics, a Boston-based researcher. Samsung Electronics Co, the No 3, closed in on second-placed Motorola Inc, and LG Electronics Inc passed Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd to become No 5.

Stake: 股份

2004-10-22 09:25

Shenzhen Airlines takes a controlling 51 per cent stake in the joint venture, which is named Jade Cargo International, while Lufthansa Cargo holds 25 per cent, the maximum for a single foreign investor in a joint venture of this kind as Chinese policy regulates.

Portal: 门户网站

2004-10-21 09:09

Yahoo! China said yesterday that it had formed an e-mail alliance with Chinese firms like NASDAQ-listed travel service company Ctrip, game websites including Haofang, e-commerce firm Dangdang, IT information portals Chinabyte, Enet and Donews, and software company Kingsoft.

Showcase: 展示

2004-10-19 09:37

The fair, jointly organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Guangdong provincial government, is showcasing the great achievements of the country's SMEs.

Sedan: 小轿车

2004-10-19 09:10

The Habo No. 1 looks like any one of the legions of Volkswagen sedans in China. But a peek under the hood reveals an array of chrome canisters instead of the usual engine - the Habo is fueled not by gas but hydrogen peroxide.

Strategic petroleum reserve: 战略石油储备

2004-09-24 08:50

U.S. oil prices slipped below $48 on Thursday on expectations that the United States might loan some crude to U.S. refiners from its strategic petroleum reserve after weather-related disruptions led to a big dip in supplies.

Back tax: 退缴税

2004-09-23 09:16

Yukos faces billions of dollars in back tax claims and company officials say it is "close to bankruptcy." Most of its bank accounts and assets have been frozen by the Russian government.

Semiconductor: 半导体

2004-09-22 09:13

Samsung Electronics Co, the world's second-largest semiconductor maker, said it expects global chip sales next year to grow at half of this year's pace on increased supply from new plants coming online.











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