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Politics Hot Word 政治


lash out: 严厉斥责

2005-11-29 10:28
A combative Saddam Hussein lashed out Monday at his treatment by American "occupiers and invaders" and lectured the chief judge about leadership as his trial resumed in a rambling and unfocused session.

clinical trial: 临床试验

2005-11-24 10:02
As China reported its third case of human bird flu yesterday, the only company in the nation approved to test a vaccine for humans said that clinical trials on volunteers would start in days.

abstention: 弃权

2005-11-23 10:04
Lawmakers voted 397 to 202 with 12 abstentions to make Merkel Germany's eighth leader since World War II, succeeding Gerhard Schroeder, whose seven-year government of Social Democrats and Greens was ousted by voters Sept. 18.

stoppage: 中止;中断

2005-11-22 10:17
An unexpected stoppage of water supply sparked rumours of a contaminated river and led to a run on city supermarkets storing bottled water yesterday.

vaccinate: 接种疫苗

2005-11-16 10:17
Jia Youling, chief veterinary officer in China's Agriculture Ministry, said China is in the process of vaccinating all poultry in the country.

detonate: 引爆;爆炸

2005-11-15 10:19
An Iraqi woman confessed on Jordanian state television Sunday that she tried to blow herself up along with her husband during a hotel wedding reception last week, saying that the explosives concealed under her denim dress failed to detonate.

mascot: 吉祥物

2005-11-14 09:49
After years of fierce lobbying and months of secrecy, Beijing unveiled five mascots for the 2008 Olympics on Friday, opening a marketing blitz that is expected to reap record profits.

cull: 扑杀

2005-11-10 11:29
Local governments have culled about 500,000 poultry within a 3-kilometre radius of the outbreak sites to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

field work: 实地考察

2005-11-08 10:24
The UN health agency and Chinese officials were discussing what role the WHO should play, said Roy Wadia, a spokesman in Beijing for the agency. He said it could offer help in field work, lab testing and other areas.

riot: 骚乱;暴动

2005-11-01 11:10
The 10 consecutive nights of riots have shaken the government to its core and opened a new front in the increasingly violent rupture between Muslims and non-Muslims in Western Europe.

derail: 脱轨;出轨

2005-10-31 11:10
At least 102 people died and 92 others were injured when a passenger train derailed in southern India Saturday as it attempted to cross tracks washed away by a flood, police said.

stampede: 蜂拥;踩踏

2005-10-27 10:57
Cries of "ghost" spooked 12 students to their death in a primary school stampede on Tuesday. The tragedy occurred in Tongjiang County in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, about 600 kilometres from the capital Chengdu.

stamp out: 扑灭

2005-10-26 11:13
The epidemic has been stamped out, and no new outbreak spots have been found," the ministry said in a statement. "Anhui implemented a chain of emergency control measures."

runoff: 决定性竞选

2005-10-24 10:53
Warsaw's conservative Mayor Lech Kaczynski won Poland's presidential runoff vote Sunday, sealing the rise of a party headed by his twin brother that pledges to uphold Roman Catholic values and strong welfare state protections.

adjournment: 延期;休会

2005-10-19 11:18
Saddam's lawyer said Tuesday he would ask for a three-month adjournment at his client's trial for a 1982 massacre, and challenge the court's competence to hear the case. The trial was to begin on Wednesday.

trilogy: 三部曲

2005-10-18 10:34
His literary body of work amounts to 13 million Chinese characters. He was best known for his trilogy "Jiliu" (torrent), which was written between 1931 and 1940, and included three semi-autobiographical novels.

touch down: 着陆;落地

2005-10-17 11:20
The return module of Shenzhou VI and astronauts Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng touched down in the main landing field in Central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at 4:33 A.M. Monday after a five-day flight.

Low profile: 低调的形象

2005-10-14 13:35
Steinmeier, a 49-year-old lawyer, has been a low profile but powerful figure in Schroeder's government.

cold front: 冷锋

2005-10-13 11:05
Residents of North China have to get their heavy woollens out from today with a cold front closing in and temperatures set to drop appreciably.

blast off: 发射;升空

2005-10-12 10:54
The Shenzhou VI manned spacecraft blasted off with a loud launch noise for a multi-day orbital stay from its satellite launch center in Jiuquan in northwest China.

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