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Politics Hot Word 政治


intangible cultural heritage: 非物质文化遗产

2006-02-16 10:36
Examples of intangible cultural heritage such as craftsmanship, festival rituals and languages,are to be showcased together for the first time at the National Museum to celebrate efforts to protect the country's cultural legacy.


2006-02-15 09:39
"The Party and the nation as a whole must take a down-to-earth approach in the building of a new socialist countryside that will truly benefit farmers," said Hu, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China.


2006-02-14 13:22
The discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) pledged heavier crackdown on corruption and other acts violating the CPC's disciplines, according to its work report released Monday.


2006-02-13 17:02
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has beencomatose since suffering a massive stroke more than five weeks ago, was in critical but stable condition Sunday following emergency abdominal surgery, the hospital treating him said.

peace saboteur: 和平破坏者

2006-02-13 09:15
Beijing slammed Wednesday Taiwan "president" Chen Shui-bian as a "troublemaker" and "peace saboteur" while condemning his plan to scrap the island's guidelines on unification with the mainland.

overstaff: 人员过多

2006-02-10 11:14
The poll by the Beijing-based polling agency Horizon Group indicated that 67 per cent of people questioned believed some departments remained overstaffed despite previous cutbacks.

fever pitch: 高度兴奋, 狂热

2006-02-09 16:00
Rumours of an impending agreement reached fever pitch on Tuesday after Robert Iger, Disney's president and CEO, was quoted on Hong Kong Cable TV as saying talks with the Chinese Government were "ongoing."

graffiti: 涂鸦

2006-02-09 10:31
For about 120 dollars, visitors to China's Great Wall can now leave their mark on a fake wall built recently in the name of preventing graffiti on the genuine structure.

play up: 大肆渲染

2006-02-08 14:16
China yesterday rejected a Pentagon report that plays up the "China military threat," saying it poses no threat to the world.

stem cell: 干细胞

2006-02-07 11:30
South Korean Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) on Monday said disgraced stem cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk mismanaged a huge amount of state funds and public donations for his research in the past years.

lip synching: 假唱

2006-02-07 09:44
After an infamous tiff between Elton John and Madonna over lip-synching, Britain's Musicians' Union has called on performers to come clean -- audiences should be told if they are miming rather than singing.

real estate: 房地产

2006-02-06 11:13
The government will continue to regulate land supply for real estate development this year but promised to transfer more to construct economical housing for low-income families, said a cabinet official.

ballot counting: 计票

2006-02-06 13:44
Police Commissioner for the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, Graham Muir, says Chinese peacekeeping riot police will be assigned the task of guarding Haiti's national ballot counting center when the country's presidential, parliamentary and local elections begin Tuesday.

swear in: 宣誓就职

2006-02-05 11:44
Ben Bernanke was sworn in Wednesday to be the 14th chairman of the Federal Reserve, completing an historic changing of the guard at the central bank.

gift money: 压岁钱

2006-01-31 08:44
To present children with newly printed cash as Yasuiqian, or gift money, is one ritual of Chinese in celebrating Lunar New Year.

firecracker: 鞭炮

2006-01-27 08:49
"BANG!" Firecrackers will explode once again in Beijing, frightening away evil spirits on the New Year - and this time the fireworks are legal.

podcaster: 播客

2006-01-26 08:47
Later in August of 2005, US President George W. Bush became a podcaster of sorts, when the White House website added an RSS 2.0 feed to the previously downloadable files of the president's weekly radio addresses.

MOU: 谅解备忘录

2006-01-25 09:01
China and Italy signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on intellectual property" in 2004, aiming to boost a better understanding of Italy and its people.
The Spring Festival travel peak started last Saturday. During the 40-day peak season, from Jan. 14 to Feb. 22, a record over 2 billion migrant workers, students and tourists will travel to and fro to hometowns and holiday destinations.

Migrant worker: 民工

2006-01-24 09:44
The Spring Festival travel peak started last Saturday. During the 40-day peak season, from Jan. 14 to Feb. 22, a record over 2 billion migrant workers, students and tourists will travel to and fro to hometowns and holiday destinations.

charter flight: 包机

2006-01-23 10:34

Taiwan's China Airlines charter flight 585 touched down at Shanghai's Pudong Airport at 10:34 am on Friday, signalling the first charter flight across the Taiwan Straits for this year's Spring Festival.

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