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Politics Hot Word 政治


launch pad: 发射台

2005-10-11 10:40
The six astronauts shortlisted for the two-member mission have arrived at the launch pad in Inner Mongolia, the China News Service said, citing engineers at the launch center.

relief: 救济;救济品

2005-10-10 10:34
China flew a 49-member rescue team and tons of materials to Pakistan yesterday as a first batch of relief to its quake-hit neighbour.

aftershock: 余震

2005-10-09 09:36
For hours, aftershocks rattled an area stretching from Afghanistan across northern Pakistan into India's portion of the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.

mire: 陷入困境

2005-10-08 10:52
The president's job approval is mired at the lowest level of his presidency - 39 percent. While four of five Republicans say they approve of Bush's job performance - enthusiasm in that support has dipped over the last year.

mastermind: 策划

2005-10-02 11:45
Two al-Qaida-linked fugitives suspected of masterminding the 2002 nightclub bombings on the same Indonesian island may have been involved, a top anti-terrorism official said.

felony: 重罪

2005-09-29 11:25
DeLay, 58, was indicted on a single felony count of conspiring with two political associates.

hearing: 听证会

2005-09-27 11:16
The legislative hearing is on the adjustment of personal income tax deduction criterion and is held by the Law Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the NPC Standing Committee and the NPC Financial and Economic Committee.

bear down on: 逼近

2005-09-23 10:43
Thousands of Mexicans live and work in Texas, but still have family - or even second homes - in Mexico. With Rita bearing down on the Gulf coast, many felt it was time to go home, at least for a week or so.

power-for-money deal: 权钱交易

2005-09-21 10:21
The rich population consists of private business owners that got rich due to their talent and diligence as well as people who gained wealth through collusion with officials in power-for-money deals or because they happen to work in monopoly companies or because they stole state assets.

exit poll: 投票后民调

2005-09-19 10:00
Both German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel claimed victory in the election though exit polls show neither Merkel's alliance nor Schroeder's coalition won a majority to form a new government.

standoff: 僵局

2005-09-13 10:44
Sen. Carlos Moreno, who helped negotiate the standoff, said a $230,000 check was handed to the hijacker, but that the government would not honor it.

theme park: 主题公园

2005-09-12 16:09
Disney officially opened its newest theme park in Hong Kong, its first step into the lucrative China market.

hunt down: 追捕直至抓获

2005-09-08 10:05
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas vowed to hunt down the killers of a powerful former security chief whose gangland-style slaying Wednesday laid bare Gaza's raging power struggles just days before Israel hands over control of the coastal territory.

tenure: 任期

2005-09-07 10:27
Greenspan, whose 18-year tenure ends in January, will leave behind a highly regarded and well-respected legacy as a strong inflation fighter.

bustling: 熙熙攘攘的

2005-09-06 10:02
Seconds after takeoff, an Indonesian airliner shook violently, veered to the left and slammed into a bustling neighborhood Monday, bursting into flames and killing at least 147 people - many on the ground.

overshadow: 投上阴影

2005-09-05 10:49
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has arrived in Beijing for the annual EU-China summit overshadowed by a trade dispute over textile quotas.

hands-on: 亲自参与

2005-09-02 10:18
While their appearance together in an edited tape appeared to show some level of coordination, it would have been more significant had they appeared together in one portion - indicating that al-Zawahri was a hands-on commander who met directly with attackers.

deplore: 深表遗憾

2005-09-01 10:18
World leaders deplored the catastrophe in Baghdad where hundreds of people were trampled to death on a bridge or drowned in the Tigris river.

hordes of: 成群的

2005-08-31 11:19
Several U.S. weather and news Web sites were deluged by heavy traffic as hordes of people went online seeking emergency information and news on Hurricane Katrina, which battered the U.S. Gulf Coast.

death toll: 死亡人数

2005-08-30 10:09
The death toll from an encephalitis outbreak in northern India passed 250 over the weekend, and the mosquito-borne disease showed little sign of abating, a government official said Monday.

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