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Politics Hot Word 政治


solar eclipse: 日食

2006-03-30 10:16

sideline: 不积极支持

2006-03-29 10:43

make headway: 取得进展

2006-03-28 11:37

behind bars: 坐牢

2006-03-24 11:09

status quo: 现状

2006-03-23 10:49

disposable chopsticks: 一次性筷子

2006-03-22 10:57
Consumption tax will be imposed on disposable wooden chopsticks, wooden floor panels, yachts, luxury watches and more oil-based products from April 1, the authorities announced yesterday.

rig: 暗箱操纵

2006-03-21 10:34
Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko looked set for re-election on Sunday but opponents called mass demonstrations for the evening against what they see as plans to rig the count.

plagiarism: 剽窃抄袭

2006-03-20 09:05
As China marks the World Consumer Rights Day,the attention is also being focused on the rights of a special group of consumers: subscribers or readers of academic and literal journals. Plagiarism have become rampant in China, and are eroding people's trust in academia and intellectual circles.

maglev: 磁力悬浮火车

2006-03-14 11:44
China has given final approval for the much-anticipated high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai, welcoming foreign investment in the hugely expensive project. The National Development and Reform Commission said on its Web site that the State Council has given the green light to a high-speed maglev line between the eastern cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou.

orchestrate: 组织,策划

2006-03-13 17:41
Former Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in his prison cell Saturday, abruptly ending his four-year U.N. war crimes trial for orchestrating a decade of conflict that ended with 250,000 dead and the Yugoslav federation torn asunder. He was 64.

upset: 意外击败

2006-03-09 13:33
The racial drama "Crash" pulled off a stunning upset at Sunday's 78th annual Academy Awards by swooping in to steal the best picture Oscar from the firm favourite "Brokeback Mountain."

loan defaulter: 拖欠贷款者

2006-03-08 13:59
Student loan defaulters are facing blacklist and credit loss. Debtors who fail to repay their interest-free college loans are in big blacklist trouble. Their names will be publicized in various media and on Websites, the Ministry of Education said yesterday.

scrap-newspaper: 可回收的旧报纸

2006-03-06 11:51
The pencils, for the first time in the history of the CPPCC as well as the National People's Congress (NPC), were made of scrap-newspaper pulp rather than wood. They are but one of the environmentally-friendly moves by the NPC and the CPPCC to set an example in building a "saving society," where energy conservation, waste reduction and respect for nature are integral to the concept.

sexual harassment: 性骚扰

2006-02-28 13:34
The proposed amendment to the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Women has recently been the subject of intensive media attention. The amendment states unequivocally that it is illegal to subject women to sexual harassment, and also urges enterprises and government institutions to take steps to prevent the occurrence of sexual harassment.

snap: 仓促的

2006-02-27 13:52
Three Thai opposition parties met separately on Sunday to debate whether to boycott a snap general election as Buddhist monks and nuns led members of the "Dharma Army" to a rally against Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

hideout: 藏身点

2006-02-23 10:19
However, the officials refused to specify the exact whereabouts of Mladic's hideout, but the private Beta news agency said the former commander was found on Cer Mountain, some 60 miles west of Belgrade on the border with Bosnia.


2006-02-22 14:27
Heavy fines. Jail terms. They're what spammers could face if a legislative proposal becomes law. As junk e-mail and unsolicited text messages bombard users in the country, the Chinese Government is increasing efforts to crack down on spam.

sound-detection gear:声音探测器

2006-02-21 10:09
Sounds of scratching and a rhythmic tapping were picked up by seismic sensors and sound-detection gear brought in by US and Malaysian forces.


2006-02-17 16:15
US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, China the first gold medal in Turin, barraged with lawmakers' questions on Thursday over rising foreign ownership of U.S. assets, played down fears that China held enough dollars to endanger the U.S. economy.

hold off:保持距离

2006-02-16 11:44
Overwhelming favorite Wang Meng won China the first gold medal in Turin, holding off Bulgaria's Evgenia Radanova by the length of a skate in the women's 500-meter short track final Wednesday night.

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